Planes, Brobots and Devices all are leveled according to a common system.

  • C-rank Grey
  • B-Rank Green
  • A-Rank Blue
  • S-Rank Purple
  • SS-Rank Orange (only planes so far)

Brobots and planes also share a common system where you increase the plane or brobot one step at the time:

  • C-rank, 1 to 20
  • B-Rank, up to 60
  • A-Rank, up to 80
  • S-Rank, up to 100
  • SS-Rank, 101 – 140

Devices also have a leveling system, C, B and A-rank devices can have 1 to 4 stars, and S-rank devices can have up to 5 stars. All devices can also be I, II, III and IV.

To develop planes and brobots, you will spend credits (brobots and planes), or crystals (planes) to level up one step at the time.

To increase rank from e.g. C to B, you have to both level the plane or brobot up to level 40. You also have to collect the requested number of cards. Finally, when you have the reached the level and have enough cards, you will have to spend some crystals. This number will increase – to evolve a plane from S-rank to SS-rank, you will need 320 cards for that plane, and then spend 800 crystals to evolve it.

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