Level 60 Gunhead

Gunhead is a huge ship which will turn around a couple of times and you have to kill all the ship’s guns. Also you will have to watch out for missile strikes and a huge laser beam.

Video: Heroic Solo
Greataxe B, Menace S, Kraken S
1 minute 37 seconds


Phase 1: Gunhead will have a shield up, you cannot hurt the ship, and it will make some jabbing movements against you.
Just remember to not waste any overdrives, and to stay out of harm’s way and you will be fine.

Phase 2: First Gunhead will charge head on. You will have three cannons as well as targets on either side of the ship to take out. These will spew red bullets of different sizes and speeds.
This will alternate with Gunhead firing a huge (really huge…) laser bea, from the middle of the ship. After the laser, the shield from phase 1 will come up again, also with the jabbing movements. Again – stay away and do not spend overdrives or specials.

Phase 3: When all six targets in the previous phase down, Gunhead will turn the starboard side towards you. You will have four target: three cannons and one rotor. The rotor do not shoot anything, and should be spared to last.
The onslaught with bullets at different speeds, sizes and directions ill continue, together with supporting missiles coming from elsewhere.

Phase 4: A duplicate of Phase three, apart from one important thing. On the port side of Gunhead, you will now find the single remaining rotor. Taking it this, will bring down the ship, so do not bother with the three turrets.

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