A Guide to HAWK Freedom Squadron

Videos about Contest is coming! The videos are on Youtube, but links to every video will appear here soon!

Version 1.15 is out.

This is an online resource describing as much as possible about the awesome game HAWK Freedom Squadron, available for mobile devices.

Please note:

  • This is not an official site. There is no affiliation between this site and the developers or company behind HAWK FS.
  • Hawk FS is subject to updates, and devs do not list changes made. Therefore the info here might be dated or incorrect.
  • The persons producing this page do it in their free time, please excuse any errors, inconsistencies, infrequent or late updates, etc, etc.
  • At the moment, all effort is put into producing information, and no effort is put inte making this site pretty. So excuse the very basic layout, and the deficiency in pictures.

We hope that HawkFreedomSquadron.com will be a great online resource. The idea was born when the same questions kept repeating over and over in the Reddit forum. Possibly the time has come to present a more static manual, especially for newcomers to the game.

60 thoughts on “A Guide to HAWK Freedom Squadron”

  1. i have spent units a lot on VIP 7 now every thing have lost how can i get it back use Ipone on 90 lvl. 290 stars all plane lost wast of money spent

    1. Hi,
      Sorry to hear that. However, we are not affiliated with my.com producing the game. Please contact them on support or via FB. Usually they respond quickly.

  2. the game can only connect through mobile network and not anymore through wireless home network.
    can you fix this issue urgently with a new update?

    1. Hi,
      Sorry to hear that. However, we are not affiliated with my.com producing the game. Please contact them on support or via FB. Usually they respond quickly.

    1. If it’s friends from Facebook you can’t delete those friends for some reason but other friends you click on the tab that says friends and then you have to delete them one by one by pressing on each friends name and it will open up a little list of their stats and at the bottom underneath their stats it will say delete friend in bright Red hope this helps

    1. Sorry to hear that! This site is independent of my.com which is the company producing the game. Contact their support or FB if you have any trouble.

  3. if everything fucking thing hs to go to the company of fb or fucking hawk people have to anser then why the fuck you people are fucking around here ass holes

    1. Hey, chill bro 🙂 I understand if you have issues with things in the game, though I’m not completely sure what these are. This site is not affiliated with my.com or the developers of the game. Try their FB page or ingame support if you have any complaints you want addressed.

      1. Then is this just a place to chat? I’m a little unclear what service you all provide other than to say you don’t provide one. Very odd don’t you think?

  4. I’m done the game ( until update) and am looking to make some coins. What’s the best way to get some? So far I found playing the obstacle courses brings me 1000 coins but is there a better way?

  5. Collecting Bropoints and buy cash in Broshop is far more efficient. One Bropoint will earn you 454 credits (before reset). So assisting any course giving 10 bropoints will earn you over 4500 credits, far more than any course will give just for collecting coins. Things get more complicated when you pay for reset, but you can do at least 2-3 resets and still get better value for time spent collecting bropoints and buying credits for them – compared to running Obstacle courses or any other levels for cash.

  6. I have inadvertently add a guy as friend after playing a stage with him, found his name was this website address,then found this is a very useful website for hawk players,guess it’s my lucky day, definitely will recommend for other friends. btw this guy in game power is more than 3000,awesome.

  7. My HAWK Freedom Squadron mobile app froze all day today. I had to uninstall and reinstall. Lost all my coins and gems. How do I get back my levels etc…?

    1. Sorry to hear that, but we can’t help you. This site is not affiliated with my.com producing the game. Try the ingame support or their FB page.
      Best of luck!

  8. Hi, where r the rest Of the stars in the second chapter? I finish all the levels n i dont have all. I have 15 stars missing.

    1. I hope that some hidden stages reveal after purchasing plane pulsar. As far as I know, there are no combat test stages for the plane so far. Haha.

  9. I have collected 320 fragments of Havoc but the game won’t unlock this game and it’s saying that i have to buy it?!!!!?? That’s so weird!!!

  10. Have you bought Havoc? You do not need any cards to buy any plane, but you will need 320 cards (and 800 crystals) to evolve an S plane to SS.

  11. I have completed all stages. Find all stars/upgrade/brobots/planes etc.
    Now what about next update? When will it come?
    I m waiting.

    1. I’m done with all levels, too. No sign of forthcoming new chapter, and no way to progress with collecting diamonds, only “friendly” points..total misscomunication, sad, I love the game.

    1. The Revive option comes automatically when you die (once per mission) if yor wingman agrees to revive you. This type of “Revive” option is available only in “Team up” missions (there are 3 missions per day).
      In Story and patrol missions you can use a backup plane (only on Easy and Normal levels).
      Of course, you can revive yorself in every mission of the game using crystals (not recommended :)) ).

  12. Please help i can`t connect to Facebook every time i try it says : an error has occurred will connecting on social setwork. I deleted and reinstall facebook,again the some thing then i deleted facebook and tried to login without it again the some thing and in between those actionw I rebooted my xiaomi note 4.

    1. Hey, Sorry to hear that. We are not affiliated with the developers of the game. Contact their support or FB. All luck. Cheers,

  13. what are the aces. why should I buy them?what are the yellow gears how do we use them? is there somewhere a manual in greek or in English?

    1. You get some minor benefits when playing with Ace skin: 10% plus Bropoint, and 10% plus Brobot experience. And the plane looks a bit different. No manual in any language. What yellow gears do you mean?

  14. Need help guys. New to the game. Is there any other way to upgrade a plane than using coins or gems? I keep getting these orange pieces that say I can use them but idk how.

    1. The orange piece (brobot experience points) are needed to evolve brobots, but you also have to pay with credits or crystals. Only way to upgrade a plane is with coins or crystals.

  15. Hi I’m collecting 20 keys, then I opened it but I didn’t get any gifts please help me

    Name: Naresh3963

    1. Hi,
      Sorry to hear that. However, we are not affiliated with my.com producing the game. Please contact them on support or via FB. Usually they respond quickly.

    1. We don’t know! As of today SSS is highest. Possibly there will come the possibility to evolve further in the future.

  16. Hi there,
    does someone know how to earn coins after finishing all levels? when i replay a level then i get very less coins….

        1. After close to 2 years playing this game I still don’t have all my planes to SSS. And only 5 Bots at SSS. So yeah, it takes ages. Even if you’re rich enough to get a VIP 8, which I’m not, it won’t change a thing : to get coins, there is only one way for everyone : play, get BroPoints, Exchange BroPoints for 40K coins many times a day (Campaign runs, trials, contests, assault, etc).
          When you’ll have all the cards you need and verdium won’t be a necessary thing anymore (cos’ you have all the stars), you’ll be able to get about 250K-300K coins per day on average (30K or more playing, the rest from the different shops). But even then : it takes forever to upgrade all those planes/bots.
          I’m close to having all my SSS fully upgraded. All my SS are at 140, just waiting for gems. So it’s possible. Playing … maybe an hour a day. For 2 years O-o.

  17. Hey Guys

    I have enjoyed playing the game very much , I have played the last boss heroic 230 level , is the game finished or developers are developing new levels in that bcz I m getting bore , but playing daily contest ,trails and helping others I’m surviving some how! . Can anybody give clarity on new levels?

  18. Is there a Way to save ur progress when u get a new Phone without the FORCED facebook usage which i personaly hate?

    more and more people are deleting facebook.

    For example on a email account
    i spend A shitload of hourse (2 years) into it.

    1. are you on android? game data will be save in google’s Play Games, and will be sync to new device when you sign in.

  19. How about posting tips like which levels are good repeat levels for running with a partner. Easy but have a lot of coinage & boxes. For example levels 51 & 63 on 1st chapter. Level 123 on 2nd chapter.

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