Credits / Coins

You can do many things in the game for crystals, but for somethings IRL Money, Crystals, Verdium, Medals or Bropoints are required.

Things you can spend credits on:

  • Level upgrade of planes and brobots
  • Planes can in most cases be bought either for crystals or credits.
  • Containers
  • In contraband shop three slots in each reset is paid for by credits. Is is usually green/rank B devices, a pack of overdrives, and/or orange experience points (possible to use with any brobot)

Ways to earn credits:

  • collect coins dropped from killed enemies
  • all normal or easy level missions will earn you a good bunch of credits
  • in Broshop you can buy credits for bropoints in two slots per reset, ranging from 15 000 credits ot 40 000.
  • in patrol missions, between levels in arcade and assault, you can collect money in the game by flying into it
  • Assault will give you money for each completed of the five levels. Beating all five stages will earn you a total of 58 000 credits.
  • You can sell crystals for credits in Credit Exchange
  • Most Daily and Progress Quests give you credits
  • If you have at least 300 Verdium, you will gain crystals like “Grab free credits 14.02 – 17.02”, instead of “Grab free verdium 14.02 – 17.02”

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