Level 55

Many have struggled with this level! It is a protect mission where you will encounter a huge wave of rockets that will kill you and the ship you are to protect if you are not careful.

Video: Heroic Solo
Flamer A, Legatus S, Kraken A
1 minute 18 seconds

Video: Heroic Solo
Greataxe B, Champion A, Cougar B
1 minute 22 seconds



Several waves of rockets, nukes, and a lot of different enemies. Aim for the nukes. Bring overdrives that effectively clear the screen or at least everything in front of you.

There are several ways to survive the problematic onslaught:

  • Pick a the shield dropped by a rather large ship in middle of the screen. Then position your self between the ship to protect and the rockets.
  • Time screen clearing overdrive or specials. Legatus is very good, but a lot of other work beautifully too. Just remember that shorter overdrives and specials, require a more exact timing.





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