Nayad (V)

Initial Rank: ?

Quality: Power
Level 100: 305

Special Power: Anti-missile Beam – Strong, straight, but short laser beam.
Level 100: 1 541

Rank A Ability: Regenerates 240 armor every 35 seconds.

Rank S Ability: Reduces all incoming damage by 10%.

One of the best brobots for killing bosses. The laser beam is very strong, and you can stay at a safe distance while firing. However, the duration is very short, so you have two aim quickly and precisely. Also, de special is not the best against huge waves of enemies, although you have time to clear away some.
The main gun is self aiming, and does considerable damage, at least to smaller enemies.
Nayad adds armor regeneration at A rank, and (indirectly by reducing incoming) increases armor at S rank. The armor regeneration is slow, so only useful in arcade, assault and long missions.

In action:
Level 170 Unknown Ace
Easy Solo
Laserbite SS 140
Legatus S
Nayad SS

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