Defeat Three Enemy Aces

Updated July 2018
Added a video with Pulsar:


Since update 1.6, this trial is even harder. You will encounter Gunhead, Red Queen and Doom, especially the last one is really tough.

As with all trials now, you have to make do without brobots and devices. The only extra you can bring, is plane overdrives.

Here is Wraith beating it solo. It is by no means an optimal run, using 6 overdrives including the one dropped just before Doom. Also a revive is used.

It is clearly possible to beat the level solo, without overdrives, and without revives, but it is very difficult. You will have no margins even for the slightest error.

Here is another success full run with Gambit beating the level solo. Closer to make it without any revive, but again one revive and six overdrives were used.

Another with, this time with Buzzsaw and coop with Rozyyy.
Used several overdrives, but no revives. Rozyyy didn’t make it unfourtunately…

Again Wraith, this time coop GARIK07. No revives, something like 5 overdrives + the ones used by the GARIK07 (difficult to tell which are overdrives, and which are triggered by enemy fire). Thanks for assistance GARIK07!