What’s the thing with devices?

These can greatly increase your armor, overdrive and power. It is well worth the credits, and effort to upgrade!

3 thoughts on “What’s the thing with devices?”

  1. My question is about secondary stats on devices. With other words, is it worth to equip lvl VI zero star wild geese scope (which is said to give +17% power) over same level 4 stars weapon with crap secondaries like attraction radius. Thing is, i dont see any power increase anywhere when i equip my geese scope … it wont boost my total power for those 17%(power number i can see among my other stats when i click on my avatar remains more or less same), and theres no effect on power of the weapon itself (it appears to be same as the power of every other weapon with same quality, level and stars) What does it boost then? Same question goes for generators and armors, is it worth picking ones with good secondaries (ability recharge overdrive power, armor regen, … ) over ones with say attraction radius or other rather cosmetic enhancements? Sorry for long post and ty for answer 😊

    1. This somewhat advanced science. You could have university courses in this 🙂
      The devices you equip will have a huge impact, se more here: https://hawkfreedomsquadron.com/devices/general-info/
      This is how I understand it:
      E.g. my Laserbite has a power value of 833. I currently do not equip any powerbots, but my Geesescopes have +17%, and the plane has a passive ability of +25% power.
      833 * 1,17 * 1,17 * 1,25 equals 1 425.
      If I click on my avatar the value listed is 1 437.
      I’m guessing there is a rounding error?
      But things are more complicated. Or there are bugs.
      If I drop both Geesescopes, the value under the avatar drops to 833. But with Laserbites own +25% power it should be around 1 041, right?
      Equipping one Geesescope gives a combined power-value of 1 138, and that I can’t understand.
      There is a lot to learn here for sure 🙂

  2. Thanks, i see its indeed not that easy afterall 🙂 numbers are somewhat wierd, i tested on both my gambit and laserbite and it seems rather similar to your findings. Happy hunting ^^

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