Menace (V)

Initial Rank: C

Quality: Reload Speed
Level 100: 838

Special Power: Flame Vortex – Said to generate a firestorm, but it looks more like som kind of rotating projectiles? Clears away almost anything non-ace on screen anyway. Some damage done to aces also, though not very much – but at least projectiles are intercepted.
Level 100: 1 472

Rank A Ability: Regenerates 50 armor every 20 seconds, and also 30 armor to your partner in coop missions. After evolve to S rank, 80 armor is regenerated.

Rank S Ability: Adds 520 armor

A couple of updates ago, the without question best brobot. It’s own reload fast, then added reload to the other brobot, and good special. Then the special was nerfed by like 2/3. Still it is a good brobot, one of the best. The perks add armor, and armor regeneration too, which of course is good.

In action:

Level 167 Easy Solo
Pulsar 50
Legatus S
Menace S


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