Recent Updates to HawkFSGuide August and July

Update August 28th

Update August 27th

Update August 25th

Update August 18th

Update August 17th

Update August 10th

Update July 20th

Update July 20th

Update July 18th

Update July 14th

  • By mistake comments have been turned off for the entire website. Now it is possible to comment again!
  • Added Device Perks, which mostly is a link to a Google Doc created by novalyx who compiled the list. Also BeliarBAD, and bunnyavenger, contributed.
  • Updated a lot on Devices pages.

Update July 13th

Update July 11th

Update July 8th

  • A new update came out yesterday. We will try to update as much as possible to reflect the changes made to the game.
  • Videos and Walkthroughs for the boss Level 130 Rapier.

Update July 7th

Update July 6th

Update July 5th

Update July 4th

  • More videos and walkthroughs: Level 55.

Update July 2nd

Update July 1st

  • Starting with a few videos on boss fights and walkthroughs: Level 100.

Update June 29th

  • Despite the meagre contents, the Cheats page has proven to be popular 🙂 It is now moved to it’s own menu option because of this.
  • Starting on missions. The following are done: Assault, Team Up/Elite Coop, Arcade, and Trials.
  • Everything under Mission->Story still empty.

Update June 28th

Update June 24th

  • A lot of info added to Devices.
  • A few items added to Common Questions.

Update June 21st

  • Most brobots now have reviews and stats. Some brobots still lack some data, or are just given a short note.
  • Added info on many Common questions.
  • Updated Bugs page.
  • Updated Suggested Development

Update June 20th

  • All planes and most brobots reviewed. Working to finish brobot reviews, and other stuff.