What are Speedbots or Speed Enhancing Brobots?

At the first glance you will probably just look at the brobots specials. While these are good, there is more to the brobots.

The brobots sport different passive qualities, which will enhance the ship and the other brobot. Either a brobot increases:

  • Armor: The brobot will increase the main ships armor.
  • Rage: When the ship is hit, during certain circumstances, it will automatically increase firepower. A ragebot will further increase the firepower.
  • Power:  The brobot will further increase the power of your main guns.
  • Speed: The brobot will reduce reload speed for the other brobot and the ship.

In almost any circumstances you will want to carry a speedbot. The primary advantage is that it will reduce reload speed of your other brobot, so if the other brobot carries you will be able to fire this much more often.

Speedbots include:

  • Menace – likely the first speedbot you will achieve, and works good in most situations.
  • Legatus – Fast reload itself, and very powerful special. However, it is difficult to get.
  • Risk – It’s special seems to work best against aces.
  • Hazard – Good alternative to Menace and carries a wonderful 20 % increase in damage dealt to Aces.
  • Doom – Broad, but rather weak special.

You might even consider carrying two Speedbots.

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