Suggestions for development

A few ideas for future development of the game.

More complicated escort missions (added July 13th 2017)
Say that you have five ships you must protect, and at least two have to survive.

Defend a base (added July 13th 2017)
Defend a base against enemy activity, some outer parts of the structure is ok to loose, but the enemy mustn’t reach the inner parts. Turrets will give you support fire, but if the enemies kill the turrets, you are out of support

Smaller, but still strong bosses
We think that would be fun to fight. Red Queen is pretty small – we’d like more bosses like that.

The planes like bosses
That is, Laserbite, Eagle, Buzzsaw, etc like bosses you have to fight.

True coop
E.g., one of the players has to hold a steady fire at a kind of button to open a gate for the other player, and then vice versa.

Share your health in rescue mission
You can’t avoid that the ship to be rescued, will tank too many hits. Flying over the ship (save-the-cows-style) will move 400 armor from you to the other ship.

Regenerating ships
Bosses who have a repair module. You have to take it out early, despite guns firing at you, otherwise the ship will regenerate it’s health.

Regenerating modules
Stations where the enemy can regenerate power. You have to take out this station to avoid that.

Mazes, and Labyrinths in Story
A bit like one of the missions in Trials.

Two simultaneous aces
This kind of happens with Red Queen, but even cooler would have been two aces which are not coordinated.

Enemies attacking from bottom of screen
Just to keep us on the toes…

Blocking lower levels
We totally get that the previous bropoint reward system was abused, with very developed planes taking on early missions and earning a ton of bropoints. Also the idea with normalization. But you still get bropoints, even if it is very few, from playing easier levels. Why not just block them? You can not play coop one levels more than 50 levels below you – that is not an unreasonable way of thinking? Of course there will be an outcry from many players – but that kind of happens after every update 😉

Enemies that can dodge bullets

More like the following
There are some things in Hawk Freedom Squadron which are very cool and fun. We want more like this:

  • sandstorms or other things where you can’t really see the enemy
  • bunkers that produce tanks: you have to choose to attack the bunker to avoid more tanks, or to attack the tanks to avoid being hit
  • the free Legatus in some levels
  • the level 55 onslaught, where you have to find a way to protect both yourself and the ship to be rescued
  • Save the Cow, Protect missions. We like that. Could we please have missions where you are to protect two friendly ships?





8 thoughts on “Suggestions for development”

    1. Follow the next steps:
      1. Go to the game Options and open Accounts menu.
      2. Press Logout if you are logged in with Facebook.
      3. Open your Facebook page (, find the HAWK: Freedom Squadron application and delete it.
      4. Reinstall the game on your device.

      After that, you can start a new game. Do not forget to link your new game account with Facebook!

      1. Later edit: It seems that the above method isn’t working. I copied it from the FAQ section of the game when i posted above. When I tried to restart to begin a fresh new game for myself, it seems that it doesn’t work, even if i followed all those steps…

  1. Don’t know what you mean? Do you want to play it from the beginning, without any progress you’ve made so far? Uninstall with deleting of any game data. If you have used a FB account, don’t second time as the progress will be saved through FB, or use another FB account.

  2. So the SSS rank ability on the planes is quite awesome, however taking dmg on this shield does not seems to trigger the S rank skill which gives some bonus dmg after receiving 400 dmg. Any chace this can be changed to it trigers when you receive dmg on shield( the SSS rank skill)?

    1. Yeah, that would be kind of ideal. But perhaps that would make it too easy to play with Gambit? After update 1.9.1 it seems like the counter is trigger a bit more often?

  3. Hi, I’m Francesco. We need ti know the story of Hawk: Freedom Squadron. For example: Who is Gambit? Why at the beginning of the story she’s an enemy? Thank you, Francesco (BlueFalco)

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