Acquire New Devices

There are a number of ways to acquire new devices:

  • The primary one is to buy blue containers. They cost 810 credits per container, and to speed things up (you are not saving anything buying a pack of 10), you can buy 10 containers for 8 100 credits. In blue containers you will get different kinds of items, including blue, green and grey devices
  • Pick up Golden Boxes in game play. These always contain devices.
  • In Black Box, you can combine 4 devices into a new one. With a bit care, you will always get a better device by doing this.
  • In Contraband shop: Buy green ones for credits. At least previously it was possible to buy blue ones for crystals – but it seems this possibility has gone?
  • (Previously it has been possible to buy in other shops as well. As things often change, perhaps we will see this again.)

One thought on “Acquire New Devices”

  1. Seems a lot of data on this site is outdated. Example, buying containers no longer uses credits and as such is probably not a great way to get devices.

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