Blaster (V)

Initial Rank: A
Price: ??
Requirements: Complete Heroic 50.

Main Gun: 3 straight rather slow guns, and one homing and even slower rocket.
Level 80: 416
Level 100: 504
Level 140: 626

Overdrive: Conflagration – fires 15 volleys of 3 powerful but slow rockets, during 8 seconds, which might miss small or fastmoving enemies. Main gun is turned off.
Invincible during overdrive: ???
Level 80: 1 008
Level 100: 1 221
Level 140: 1 648

Level 80: 1 452
Level 100: 1 702
Level 140: 2 336

Amplifier: Increase Power by 10 %
Kill Aura: A damaging aura is activated if the plane is hit.
Air Barrage (Rank S): After receiving 400 damage, launches a wave of explosive barrage balloons, protecting the plane from enemy fire.
Amplifier (Rank SS): Amplifier is increased to 20 %

Boss killer – deals a lot of damage to a single target with rockets and overdrive. Bigger enemies are easier to hit, but against smaller and faster moving enemies the special and rockets are too slow, and you may find yourself in trouble. Against waves you have to carry a brobot with good screen clearing abilities.

In action video Level 133 Normal with Blaster, Flea and Dodgy:

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