Dragon (V)

Initial Rank: B
Price: ??
Requirements: Complete Heroic 20.

Main Gun:
Level 1:
Level 60: 203
Level 100: 364
Level 140: 465

Overdrive: Rising Sun – Surrounds the plane with a destructive energy field for 3 seconds, while being invincible. Main gun is not firing.
Level 1:
Level 60: 784
Level 100: 1 221
Level 140: 1 648

Level 1:
Level 60: 1 219
Level 100: 2 585
Level 140: 3 256

Suppressive Fire: Damaged enemies lose 4.76 % of firepower.
? (Rank A): Power increased for 6 seconds by 10 % after kill.
Suppressive Fire (Rank S):
Damaged enemies lose 16.67 % of firepower.
Explosive Reactive Armor (Rank S): After receiving 400 damage, Dragon emits an energy burst killing all non-ace enemies onscreen and destroying all projectile. Also is invincible for 5 seconds.
? (Rank SS): Power increased for 6 seconds by 12 % after kill.

As with other planes depending on killing with the plane, it is difficult to time this right: Too short and you don’t take advantage of the overdrive. Too long and you will suffer damage yourself.

The reactive armor is very handy and kind of automatically saves you when in trouble.

It is heavily armored, but deals relatively small amount of damage. Pair with at least one power brobot, to supply more power, as well as at least one brobot with strong screen clearing/boss killing special.

Level 148 Easy
Dragon A Hazard Legatus Fail!

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  1. Starts: Armor is 403, special power is 218 and power 86
    Price: 250 crystals or 75000 coins (not absolutely sure about the coin price)

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