Level 70 Red Queen

Another incarnation of Red Queen. And a mean one too. As opposed to many other bosses, Red Queen is worst during the first phase.

Without a good coop and/or really good equipment, Red Queen is a tough struggle.

Video: Heroic Solo
Katyusha S, Menace S, Nayad S
1 minute 56 seconds


As always with Red Queen, one of the big challenges is that the ship will jump from spot to spot, making it very tough to hit.

Phase 1: It is a struggle to just stay alive. Even with good equipment, you might get killed almost instantly.
Three straight streams of bullets. Lasers crisscrossing almost every inch of the screen. And then some really nasty red ghost missiles. The lasers will inevitably force you to spot on the screen where no lasers hit, and that’s just where the missiles will hit home…
Not to forget: Red Queen is at it’s biggest in first phase, giving you little room to operate.

Phase 2: Red Queen will now morph into to smaller clones, continuing the barrage. The red bullets from the two ships will now crisscross, making it impossible to stay out of harms way. Focus on one ship at the time. With just one to go, it will be easier.

Phase 3: Now it is back to just one again. You will have three bullet streams, this time they stream at you in curvy or zigzag pattern. Worse still, every few seconds three missiles will strike at different places. You will get a heads up on impact with the marking of crosshairs at different spots.

Phase 4: Large missiles, laser beams and red bullet will alternate. At this point Red Queen is quite fragile and is rather easily killed.


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