Get Free XP on Level 10

The best way to gain experience points to evolve your brobots is Arcade.

However, this is also this way:

  1. Turn off any features on your phone which will automatically turn it off.
  2. Select a plane without homing guns.
  3. Select brobots you want experience points for, these cannot have homing cannons either.
  4. Start Level 10, Solo.
  5. Take out all Doom’s guns, except the right most.
  6. Position your plane to the far left. Somewhere between the OD button and the top most brobot special button works fine.
  7. Leave game on – experience points will be gained for the distance covered, which will amount to a lot if you leave it on overnight. But perhaps not very good for your phone.

Here is a video featuring Sparrow rank B, Cetus rank A, and Honeybee rank C.