Level 90

A completely new creature, machine, boss or whatever, not encountered earlier in the game. A Helicorpion? Or Scorpinopter? Kind of a hybrid between a helicopter and scorpion anyway.

Video: Heroic Solo
Laserbite SS, Menace S, Beetle S
2 minutes 33 seconds

Video: Heroic Solo Fail!
Buzzsaw S, Champion S, Doom A
1 minute 0 seconds

Video: Heroic Solo Fail!
Buzzsaw S, Beetle S, Doom A
2 minutes 22 seconds


Gameplay and Advice
Much like the earlier big bosses, only even meaner.

  • First Phase: Take out two rotors, one on each side of the helicopter. The right will drop a shield, the left an armor restore.
  • Second Phase: Two long arms will fold out, each sporting several miniguns, bringing a total of 7. You will have 6 points to damage the beast. You only need to concentrate on a damage point closest to the body – if you kill of that one, the ones outside it will fall off. Buzzsaw’s and Gambit’s specials are wonderful to use here, as Buzzsaw’s saw blades and Gambit’s lasers will bounce around. You have to get very close when firing.
  • Third Phase: A long scorpion-like tail will unfold, and try to hack you into pieces will also releasing some pink energybolts or something. The tail will go down to the right and left alternating. Also you kind of have to hit at the back – with a constant shield in front! You will have good use of overdrives, guns, and specials which are homing (Beetle, Wraith, etc), runs over everything (Eagle’s overdrive, Legatus’ special, etc), or can shoot sideways (get Nicola XXS up beside the Scorpinopter and fire).
  • 2nd and 3rd will alternate if you do not finish them quick enough!
  • Killing the tail will give a large flash, and start phase four: Alternating there will be two things to fire at one either side of the machine, and alternating the actual machine. This is what you have been waiting for. One there is only one but longer armor indicator, just bombard it with whatever you’ve got.


  • None of us here think Level 90 ever gets really easy. Sure, with good timed Eagle overdrives, you sure can bring down the Helicorpion really fast. But one unfortunate hit from him, and one badly timed od from you, and you are just toast.
  • Use brobot specials which are homing or work from a distance. Beetle, Hornet, Nayad are all good. Nicola XXS gets stronger the closer you get, so is a bit scary to use here, but works wonderfully against the tail if you sneak up beside it.
  • Buzzsaw might be the best overdrive, especially against the two arms folding out. Well aimed shots from Eagle works very well too.
  • If you do not have enough power, overdrives, specials… Here more than anytime, patience is needed…



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