Wraith (V)

Initial Rank: S
Price:  2 900 crystals (or 1 740 on sale).
Requirements: Complete level 90 on Heroic.

Main Gun: .
Level 80:
Level 100: 420
Level 140: 529

Overdrive: Sepulchral Chill – fire rate greatly increased, and the streams of bullets become semi-homing during 7 seconds.
Invincible during overdrive.
Level 80:
Level 100: 1 221
Level 140: 1 648

Level 80:
Level 100: 2 264
Level 140: 2 888

Cloaking Device: When hit, the plane is invincible for 6 seconds, while firing overdrive-like fire forward.
Shadow Force: Renders the plane invincible for 5 seconds, every 30 seconds.
Wraith Vengeance: After receiving 400 damage – yes, you guessed it – Wraith is invincible! This time for 4 seconds.
Cloaking Device (Rank SS): When hit, the plane is invincible for 6 seconds, while firing overdrive-like fire forward, also an additional gun is activated.

In several aspects one of a kind. It feels rather weak, a few moderate hits can take it down. On the other hand – for every hit, it goes invincible for 6 seconds, and for every 30 seconds it goes invincible for 5 seconds, and finally, when receiving 400 in damage, it goes invincible for 4 seconds. In all these cases an overdrive-like storm of bullets erupts, almost clearing the screen and doing considerable damage to even heavy bosses. Sometimes it feels like you are on constant overdrive while running Wraith, and several pilots say that it almost feels like cheating to play Wraith.

Well, it might be like cheating, but it is also very nice in some of the fire storms you encounter in later heroic, levels. Without doubt one of the best planes, but you must remember that it is not a plane which is good in every aspect. You will want to carry a boss killing brobot (if it is a boss level) and probably an armor bot, and/or armor generating one. For once you don’t have to bother with a speed brobot, or a screen clearing brobot – Wraith kind of automatically clears the screen, without you even touching any controls.

Note: The overdrive (and also overdrive like rage or whatever), is semi homing. The bullets bend slightly towards the enemies. This means that with one, single target, you might be better off backing down as far as possible from the enemy, allowing time for the bullets to bend towards the target. One the other hand, with really broad targets like Gun Head, you might be better off to sneak up as close as possible: All bullets will hit then, and no bullets will go off the screen uselessly.

Level 147 Easy
Wraith SS Hazard Legatus

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  1. What would you consider to be a better plane, Wraith or Gambit? I have 2900 crystals and I am unsure about which one is better.

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