How do I kill boss x?

Please see the different level descriptions – these are coming.

Som general advice:

Allow time for cooldown/reload. Say that you have taken out 3 out of 4 turrets in one phase. Having only one turret shooting at you is not so bad, dodge the bullets until your specials are reloaded, then kill the final turret, going to next phase with fully armed specials.

Take time to analyze why you fail. It might seem like “the boss is just too strong, and I’m too weak”, and that might be the case. But here are some things to consider:

  • At some point, are you often killed by a single, powerful shot from the ace? Then consider equipping Scarab (rank S), Kraken (rank A) or Phoenix. These will save you from a fatal blow.
  • Does it feel hopeless looking at the boss’ armor indicator? You’ve poured specials and overdrive at the ace, and the indicator has hardly moved? Well, then you need more power. Select a plane with more power, level up your devices, and select brobots with boss killing abilities and/or which add more power. Pay special attention to your overdrive and special – do they make any difference? E.g. Musketeer might seem to send in a lot projectiles, but damage done is next to nil.
  • Same for armor: Is it dropping steadily and at an alarming rate? Select brobots, devices, and plane to increase your armor.
  • Have a go with the devices! To many players, it is all about the brobots and planes. But developing your devices might actually have a bigger impact!

Also, for your own sake: Make a decision beforehand whether to spend crystals or not. In the heat of the moment you might take a decision that you later regret.

Sometimes you will find unexplainable differences. One plane which always seems to work, suddenly fails miserably against a certain boss. So if your stuck on a level with your favorite plane/brobot combo – test something else.

Or just let it go of the level a couple of days. Play coop and assault, gather credits, cards and crystals to be able to evolve planes, brobots and devices.

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