Level 110

This is a boss with a tough swarm of little ships not seen elsewhere in the game.

The level is almost ridiculously easy if you have Eagle, and you are willing to spend one or two overdrives. Without much effort, you will complete the level in 30 seconds.

Video: Solo, Heroic.
Eagle SS, Nicola XXS A, Legatus S
32 seconds

Even without Eagle, the level is not much to discuss.

  • Stay out of fire.
  • Bring bosskilling brobots that make high single target damage, like Scarab, Nayad, Nicola XXS.
  • Absolutely bring a speedbot. Legatus for a speedbot which makes good damage too. Hazard will increase damage to the boss ny 20 %.
  • All ships with decent overdrives (if you are willing to spend overdrives), work ok: Buzzsaw, Wraith, Katyusha, Sniper, etc.


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