Black Box

This is where you develop new devices, by combining 4 devices that you already have and perhaps pay some crystals.

General note: We have done very little testing on combining items of level below IV. Almost everything we have tested concern level IV items. We appreciate any info on this you have.

Basic concept
The basic concept is to combine items, to receive something of greater strength. You will always get something stronger than the weakest item you have included. (Or even the second weakest item you include?)

  • Expect spending something like 4 million credits and several hundred crystals to achieve purple devices with 4-5 stars on all 6 positions. If you are patient, the price can of course be much lower.
  • Buy a lot of, really a lot of, blue 10 packs of blue containers. We have several times spent several 100 000s credits on containers.
  • Combining four items, with zero stars, but the same rank/color, will result in the same color and one star, or something of higher color/rank.
  • Combining three items with zero stars, and one item with x (where x is 1, 2, or 3) stars, and all of the same rank/color, will result in the same color and x + 1 stars, or something of higher color/rank.
  • Combining three items with zero stars, and one item with 4  will result in the same color/rank above (grey will produce green, green produce blue, blue will give purple).
  • If the you combine 3 zero star purple, with one 4 star purple, you will get one 5 star purple.
  • When selecting different items, you will see an indicator of probability of different color/rank outcome.
  • Check “Extra”, and you will get a price in crystals, and a corresponding increased probability of higher ranked resulting device.
  • It is definitely worth pursuing purple/S-rank level IV devices. The stars is however not really worth the effort. But a lot of us just have to have the 5 stars anyway 🙂
  • Sell what you do not need. Especially when you are satisfied with e.g. your armor, you can sell all other armor devices you acquire – this will actually bring in a lot of cash.

Combining different kinds of equipment
Combining different kinds of equipment, can result in random new equipment. If you include both Armor, Generator and Sight in a development, the result will be random.
We are not sure whether only using Armor and Generator, will produce only an Armor or a Generator, or if it still can be a Sight.
Also we are not sure whether e.g. 1 Armor with 3 Generators will have a higher chance of a resulting Generator.
So… To be sure to get an Armor, only combine Armor. In this way you will control what you produce.

Combining different rank/color
Now it gets complicated. 4 grey might yield a green or a grey. 3 grey and a green, has a higher probability of green, and also a very small probability of blue or even purple.
On the other hand you still risk ending up with a grey item, thus loosing your green one. Not so bad with a green, but consider risking a purple?
Is it worth it? Likely this depends on much of a gambler you are.

Should I use crystals?
Not easily answered. We think that there are situations where it is worth putting in crystals, but opinion is split.
It is up to you if you are want to spend crystals – there is no general advice. No problem that you can achieve 5 star purple on all 6 positions, it will just take a little more time not using crystals.
Take your time deciding when it might be worth the crystals for you – carefully compare different combinations of items, if it is worth it.





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