Greataxe (V)

Initial Rank: B
Price:  75 000 credits or 250 crystals.
Requirements: Complete level 10 on Easy.

Main Gun:
Level 60: 238
Level 100: 476
Level 140: 593

Overdrive: Hammer of God – All guns fire homing missiles during 3 seconds.
Invincible during overdrive?
Level 60: 794
Level 100: 1 221
Level 140: 1 648

Level 60: 1 017
Level 100: 1 942
Level 140: 2 520

Durability: Armor +5%.
Rapid Fire (Rank A):  Fire Rate of missile launchers + 33%.
Missile Storm (Rank S): After receiving 400 damage,  fires a swarm of homing missiles.
Durability (Rank SS): Armor +7%.
Rapid Fire (Rank SS):  Fire Rate of missile launchers + 44%.

Again a plane where statistics and feeling of the plane do not really match. In this case it feels like the plane is stronger, both on armor and firepower, than the stats say.

The homing missiles are very useful, as you can hit the enemy, while staying out of reach from the enemies’ guns. Useful as a boss killer early in the game. Well worth to develop to level 50-60, or even A rank to help clear entire assault.

In action:

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