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This is not an official site. Repeat. This is NOT an official site. Repeat again. This is ___NOT___ an official site.

There is no affiliation between this site and the developers or company behind HAWK FS.

If you have complaints about the game, retrieve crystals, refund, etc, etc, please direct them to the company, in-game support or their Facebook page.

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3 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. telefonumu değiştirdim google play hesapıma giriş yaptım oyunu indirdim 1 seviyeden tekrar başladı bu nasıl iş alamış degilim.Oyuna yatırdığım paraları görebiliyorum ama oyun sıfırdan başlıyor

  2. For 3 weeks i am unable to play the contest even after i clear stage 1, it just keep asking me to clear stage 1 again.

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