Zapper (V)

Initial Rank: A
Price:  1 166 crystals (on Sale for 699).
Requirements: Heroic 40.

Main Gun: .
Level 80: 375
Level 100: 454
Level 140: 568

Overdrive: Hypervelocity – kind of runs out of the screen on top, and then reappears from bottom of screen.
Invincible during overdrive for three seconds.
Level 80: 1 285
Level 100: 1 560
Level 140: 2 036

Level 80: 1 373
Level 100: 1 685
Level 140: 2 226

Shield Generator: Every 45 seconds, puts up a force shield, neutralizing one enemy attack.
Ricocheting ammo: When plane is hit, fire is enhanced for three seconds.
Counter Fire (Rank S): After receiving 400 damage, launches a wave of fire or energy reminding of Legatus, which effectively clears the screen. Also invincible for two seconds
Shield Generator (Rank SS): Every 45 seconds, puts up a force shield, neutralizing one enemy attack.

High (the highest?) overdrive damage done of all planes in the game, at least on paper. However, it is difficult to get good value out of the overdrive. Sure it kills of everything onscreen, that is not an ace, how to use against against the aces? We have not been able to get good use of Zapper, and considering that you seldom see it in battle, it is likely that this is the overall opinion.

It is nice though, with the free shield every 45 seconds – same as Flamer, but we prefer Flamer all days in the week. We suggest that you do not buy it, until you have means to spare, and absolutely need the extra stars, but then develop it as little as possible.

Video in action:
Level 143 Easy
Zapper 70 Beetle Hazard

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