Verdium is kind of the fuel the planes run on.

When being below your limit, verdium regenerates by itself at the rate of 1 unit per five minutes. The limit is by default 100 units, after that no Verdium is regenerated. The max limit of Verdium can be raised by attaining VIP memberships.

Verdium can also be purchased for crystals and bropoints. Blue containers may also contain Verdiumm.

50 Verdium is received as a free gift between 14.02 – 17.02, and 21.02 – 00.02 every day.

Even if you have reached your Verdium limit, it can still be bought and received as a free gift.

If you pass 300 Verdium, it can no longer be purchased, you will not get the free daily Verdium gifts. Instead you will get 8 000 credits between 14.02 – 17.02, and 21.02 – 00.02 every day.

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