What’s the Black Box?

You can develop better devices there. More information is coming about this.

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  1. how does the combine or merging in black box work? that is, how do i decide which are the best 4 to use?
    what are the various numbers indicating.
    the ‘game’ is so silent about this… so much info is missing. at least in the android version, which i have.

    thank you.

  2. Hello, I play on android too. In The black box you can combine items, to obtain more powerful ones. The items have 4 ranks which are (sorting them from weak to strong):
    -C rank items (gray colour)
    -B rank items (green colour)
    -A rank items (blue colour)
    -S rank items (purple colour)

    There are 3 main type of items for your plane, designed for: overdrive power, armor, and power (plane attack damage), and they have distinct icons when you put them in black box for combining. For example, if you combine 4 power items, you will get a stronger power item (it have a little target as a symbol). If you use crystals, you have bigger chances the item resulted to be even more powerful. When you have 4 items for combining, you will see a percentage for each possible quality (Grey colour is C rank, Green colour is B rank, and so on).
    Every item (except C rank) have some perks (for example: bonus armor, bonus power, bonus overdrive power, bigger attraction radius etc)
    Another important aspect, is the level of the item. The levels are ranked from I to VI. In the early levels of the game you wil have level I items, and then, the further you advance in the game, the bigger item level will be. For example, after level 25-30 in the story, you will begin to receive level II items, after level 50-60 level III, and so on.

    1. The items can be aquired randomly during a mission, or can be bought from contraband shop, opening the containers, or buy them with money, when are “offers” available. I think there are far too expensive, so I stick to the first three methods of aquiring items.
      Keep playing, and you will figure out how to to with the items. The sad thing is, if you want to have good items (preferably rank S) you have to invest lot of crystals… But even with those, you are not guaranteed. For example, if you have 4 rank A items to combine, the chance for an S item is 10%, and with the use of crystals (150-250 crystals) the chance of S item is 50%…So, there is a gambling game also 🙂 Depends on your luck 🙂
      I hope you understood something of what I explained. Cheers!

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