Musketeer (V)

Initial Rank: C

Quality: Armor
Level 100: ?

Special Power: Missile shroud – Fires a barrages of missiles.
Level 100: ?

Rank A Ability: Extra damage for 9 seconds. We do not know what that means…

Rank S Ability: Once a mission neutralizes lethal damage, restoring 20% armor.

Likely the first Brobot you will acquire.
Because it is your first brobot, a lot of persons put a lot of credits evolving Musketeer. The advice is however: Don’t.
Musketeer is definitely one of the brobots most often seen, even at later stages. However, Musketeer is not a very good option. The screen clearing is with a lot of objects (missiles?) flying over the screen for an extremely long time. Don’t be fooled though. These objects do little damage.
The description says that you will be invincible when firing Musketeer’s special, which is wrong.
The S rank ability is very good of course – for patrol missions. The advice is however to go for Scarab and Kraken for this, as they are more useful for other things as well.

In action on Level 134 Heroic with Legatus and Patriot:

4 thoughts on “Musketeer (V)”

  1. This brobot protects you and your team mate against waves of rockets or against mines which cannot be destroyed by normal attack event if it’s not one shot kill the rockets come so fast that basicaly they clean the entire screen very fast. I realy enjoy it a lot more than Kraken or Scarab.
    My plane is Sparrow because i like it much more than the laserbite which practicaly blocks all the vision which I have over the screen with its wide opaque lasers.
    Maybe the synergy with Saparrow is much better since this plane is not so good at killing the entire screen so the Musketer offers a nice fix. I guess that each plane has his best brobots.

  2. Musketeer’s special is certainly one that lasts very long, possibly the longest. Anyone actually measured the different brobots specials duration time? It certainly is a factor to consider. E.g. Nicolas XXS is very strong but also very brief.
    My favorite setups currently is Gambit+Legatus+Nicolas. Or swap Nicolas for Menace, or Gambit for Buzzsaw.
    But it varies over time. Gambit, Buzzsaw, Wraith, Eagle, Sniper, Blitzer, and Laserbite have all been my favorite plane at one time or another.
    (Both Gambit and Buzzsaw are just amazing against bosses like level 90 and level 130.)

  3. The long duration is nice however it can only fire once a stage normally, so you mainly carrying its stat and perk which isn’t too great

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