Risk (V)

Initial Rank: ?

Quality: Reload Speed
Level 100: ?

Special Power: – .
Level 100:

Rank A Ability: Increased reward for defeating aces.

Rank S Ability: +20% coins.

The special is pretty nice against bosses. Against waves it is less useful, as the projectiles (or whatever it is, lethal sponges?) continue to hammer an enemy until it is dead. That means that Risk often works on enemies not really a threat anymore, as they are about to pass out of the screen.

The passive abilities are only of some worth in long arcade runs.

In Action:


4 thoughts on “Risk (V)”

  1. The S rank ability for risk is 10% luck, not 20% coins. Has there been any study done on luck? The reward referred to on the A rank ability, is this coins, points, drops, any idea?

  2. In this video the guy lets homing missiles move around his plane. To avoid them just stick on the screen borders and often the missile will do its rotation around your plane and often won’t come back, as the game seems to have a limit to what’s computed out of the screen.

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