Level 130 Rapier

Yet another incarnation of Rapier, or rather he has gotten himself a new ship, which is more like Doom’s.

The level is more like 110, not at all like the super difficult 100 and 120: At first it seems like “woah, this is super hard!”, but once you start playing it, you realize it is not that difficult.

Video: Easy Solo
Laserbite SS, Legatus S, Nicola XXS A
1 minute 51 seconds (including Rapier and Patriot chatting)

Video: Normal Solo
Eagle SS, Legatus S, Nicola XXS A
1 minute 3 seconds

Video: Heroic Solo
Buzzsaw A, Legatus S, Nicola XXS A
1 minute 9 seconds

Gameplay and Advice

The basic idea is similar to level 110. A bunch of smaller things will attack, and then comes the mother ship. Here you will first see three large drones. You will not be able to attack all at once, and none of us have been able to wipe out anyone of them until the big ship arrives.

The ship Rapier now has acquired is a bit like Doom’s. It is a large thing with some kind of arms, and a bit insect like. However, it is actually easier than e.g. Doom at level 80. The three drones from the beginning will come back and harass you, but no more drones will appear, no claws or arms will attack you.

It seems like it is sufficient again (like Level 90 boss), to aim at the target closest to the center. Just keep hitting there, avoid and/or kill the three drones, and keep clear of the bullet hell going on.

You need two things: Things that hit hard at single point of impact, and good screen clearing. We selected planes with high single target damage, and screen clearing brobots.

Eagle is the best plane here, without doubt. Buzzsaw rank A, struggled a bit at Heroic, but managed ok. Laserbite managed at Easy, but should have greater difficulties at higher levels.

In all test runs so far, we took Legatus S and Nicola XXS A. They both clear the screen very effectively, and also do damage to the boss.

You could do it the other way around, i.e. taking screen clearing with e.g. Wraith, and selecting at least one of the brobots with high single target damage.




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