Update Version 1.6.0

July 7th 2017

Version 1.6.0


  • A new plane, Gambit released.
  • The first 120 levels are moved to their own chapter/season.
  • Levels 121 – 130, together with 4 Combat Tests (Laserbite, Wraith, Blitzer, Eagle) and Patrol Mission XIII released in their own chapter/season.
  • Trials reworked: The missions are longer, you do not pack any brobots. At first glance it seems much more difficult.
  • Level V devices added.
  • Bosses in Arcade seem to be tougher to beat.
  • Menace is nerfed again: Instead of 80 armor points restored every 10 seconds, it is now only every 20 seconds.
  • Blitzer seems to be buffed, with the overdrive being stronger.
  • Possibly Nicolas XXS‘ special and Eagle’s overdrive are nerfed.
  • Wrong number of bropoints sometimes displayed before a mission, seems corrected.


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