Level 80 Doom

This is another installment of Doom, and it is tough.

Even with SS rank plane, S rank brobots and devices, you might find yourself in trouble with Doom. First video below is a failed attempt with A rank Buzzsaw and S rank Menace and Scarab, despite using Buzzsaw’s mean overdrive. You will see a couple of poorly timed overdrives, and that is enough to loose.
The next video is a win (though a tight one), with the same setup.
Last video is Eagle rank SS, with Legatus S and Nicola XXS A. It almost looks easy, but it sure isn’t. One mistake, and you will struggle, even with this setup.

Video: Fail Heroic Solo
Buzzsaw A, Menace S, Scarab S
1 minute 40 seconds

Video: Heroic Solo
Buzzsaw A, Menace S, Scarab S
1 minute 50 seconds

Video: Heroic Solo
Eagle SS, Legatus S, Nicola XXS A
56 seconds

You will have several distinct phases.

Phase 1: Starts with a bunch of missiles exploding to electric circles or burning rings. You will not be able to hurt Doom just yet. Just try to stay clear of the rings. Keep to the bottom of the screen or do whatever it takes to stay clear.

Phase 2: Once the rings have gone you will have seven cannons to take out. These will fire a variety of red bullets, missiles turning into large glowing rings (like in Phase 1) and glowing ninja star-like slowly moving bullets.
As always in situations like these, try to take out cannons or turrets completely, instead of wearing all down at the same time. A cannon will keep firing until it is dead.

Phase 3: When all seven targets have been taken out, Doom will make a quick charge forward, so when going for the last turret, keep well clear at the bottom of the screen.
As previously, two drones will be released. The front one carrying a shield, while you have to take out the one at the back first. Missiles, and bullets will keep pouring at you, as well as a semihoming laser beam from the front drone.
Once you’ve killed the back drone, the front drone will drop it’s shield when you have to time a coup de grace. Take too long time though, the shield will go up, and you will have to wait for the next time the drone is vulnerable.

Phase 4: An interlude, which is almost a repeat of Phase 1, with missiles morphing inte fire rings. No armor restore seems to drop at this moment, as it often does with Doom in other incarnations.

Phase 5: Sorry to inform, but the worst is yet to come…
Fireballs from the eyes, ninja stars, the big claws flying out in an attack dive killing you at the spot, and twin lasers forcing you to the middle of the screen to die for the fireballs shooting from the eyes.
It is very difficult to win this final phase, without gaining invincibility with overdrives. Possible, sure, but unless you are some kind of puritan, fire off heavy bosskilling overdrives, also protecting you.
You will have three thing to aim at: The head, and both claws. You will only have to take out the head though.


This is not easy! Sure – with a setup like purple gear, SS Eagle, Legatus S and Nicola XXS A as in the last video above, you can kill off Doom with apparent ease.

It is possible with lesser equipment, definitely, but it will take care, likely that you use boss killing overdrives also giving you the benefit to be invincible and get a breather.

Do pick a speedbot, as always: Menace is always a good option and will also increase your armor at S rank. At A rank you will gain some restore (at a rate of 480 armor per minute). Again, Hazard is also attractive, with the increase in damage delt to bosses.
Nicolas XXS of rank A is very attractive here as complement to the speedbot: Every use of the planes overdrive will regenerate 10 % of your armor. Try to get close with Nicolas, especially at the second burst.
Scarab hits heavily, and at rank A will give you a second chance even if you are killed.
Beetle increases armor, Nayad restores some armor, and both with hit heavily.

Just forget Phoenix, Zapper, sub s rank Sparrow, etc. Laserbite will struggle too, Blitzer’s overdrive can do good damage as it is a multiple target boss.
Buzzsaw will work good – get up close to make the sawblades hit home nicely. Also the other regular boss killers can all do the job: Katyusha, Sniper, Greataxe,…

But whatever you bring to battle against this Doom at heroic, you will likely struggle.

Best advice:
Stay cool in Phase 1, 2 and 4. These should do no damage. Just keep your head down and be patient.
Find out a plane overdrive or brobot special that works for you in Phase 3. With good timing you can bring the drones down in two attacks, or even just one. Bad timing and you will go to end battle with almost no health.
If you are willing to spend overdrives – this is the time to do it in the final phase. During cooldown fire brobot specials. And be careful with the timing – the shields go up, and whatever you use to hit it with will be useless.

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