Updates until version 1.15

A lot of updates of the game has taken place since the latest update to this site.

In summary:

New levels from 181 to 210
Videos of bosses 190, 200 and 210 will be found here soon.

New planes
Arcadia, Raiden, and Tandem. Info and videos coming.

New Trial Levels
Info about Trials updated. Added videos on Three Aces with Pulsar, Maze with Pulsar, and Time with Wraith.

The entirely new Contest
Videos can for the moment be found on Youtube. Individual links and descriptions are coming.

Assault is completely updated. Videos for all seven stages published.

Team Up
Team Up is completely updated. Videos are updated.


  • Possibility to upgrade Brobots to SSS.
  • Possiblity to purchase “Ace” look to more planes.
  • Arcade is removed.