The new Assault is completely re-worked. Almost only thing in common with the old, is that it is seven stages.

The seven stages increase in difficulty. For every stage you can try with a different plane. Some planes will come with a 50 % increased reward. Raiden, will always (currently as of July 2018) come with a 100 % increased reward.

You can bring brobots and devices to the battles.

Here are videos of the different stages, higher to lower.

Stage 7 Buzzsaw, Dodgy, Legatus

Stage 6 Patriot, Dodgy, Legatus

Stage 5 Raiden, Dodgy, Squire

Stage 4 Blitzer, Dodgy, Squire

Stage 3 Eagle, Dodgy, Squire

Stage 2 Wraith, Dodgy, Squire

Stage 1 Greataxe, Dodgy, Squire