Laserbite (V)

Update Dec 2017: Video added with ACE Laserbite!

Initial Rank: B
Price:  75 000 credits or 250 crystals (150 on sale).
Requirements: Possible to purchase from start.

Main Gun: 2 laserbeams alternating with green bullets until rank A. From rank S, you will have four laserbeams.
Level 60: 262
Level 100: 546
Level 140: 673
Level 200: ?

Overdrive: Cruel Angel – fires additional laser beams during 8 seconds.
Invincible during overdrive.
Level 60: 794
Level 100: 1 221
Level 140: 1 648
Level 200: ?

Level 60: 882
Level 100: 1 541
Level 140: 2 061
Level 200:

Amplifier:  Increases power by 5%.
Amplifier (Rank A): 
Increases power by 20 %.
Automatic Repair Module (Rank A):
  Increases all armor restoration by 20 %.
Shield of Light (Rank S): After receiving 300 (all other aircraft have this at 400 damages) damage,  the plane is invincible for three seconds while all guns fire lasers.
Automatic Repair Module (Rank SS):  Increases all armor restoration by 30 %.

If you really, really must have an answer to the question “Which is the best plane?”, the answer is Laserbite. But we still claim, that there is not really one best plane, but planes which are better is some situations, and that there is a lot of subjective feelings involved. But overall, yes, Laserbite is currently the plane that overall seems best.

You have to evolve it to A though. At A or B rank, it is not special, but reaching S, you will have a total of four laser beams and it has been said many times that they “melt the foes”, “cuts through enemy craft like a hot knife in butter”, etc. Still att level 200+ on arcade, a well developed Laserbite will fight back waves with ease (well, most of the time).

However, the armor is not very strong, and the overdrive does not really bite into some of the bosses. You will want to pair Laserbite with a good boss killing brobot and possibly an armor enhancing one too.

In action

180 Rapier With audio commentary
Heroic Coop
ACE Laserbite SS 140
Legatus Menace
180 Rapier With audio commentary
Heroic Coop
ACE Laserbite SS 140
Legatus Nicola


Level 170 Unknown Ace
Easy Solo
Laserbite SS 140
Legatus S
Nayad SS

Level 160 Badger
Laserbite SS 140
Legatus S 100
Scarab SS 101


7 thoughts on “Laserbite (V)”

  1. I am playing the game from some time now, I reached level 170 in story, and 140 level on SS Laserbite. Is justified to say is the best plane in the game. I have almost all planes (except Pulsar and Avenger) and no one comes close to Laserbite. Yes, a few of them have more powerful overdrives, but the plane overall, the perks…just the best. The lasers that activates after receiving 300 dmg, are very powerful, doing more damage than most of the other planes overdrives, and makes you invulnerable for a short time, too. Paired with legatus and nayad (ocasionally scarab, delirium, menace or champion, and earlier – musketeer, hornet, beetle or triton), I walked through the story levels without problems.

  2. I agree. LB is overall the best plane. The OD is weak against aces, but everything else is very good. Sixth level Assault I do prefer Buzzsaw or Gambit, spending a lot of overdrives, otherwise the level takes (me) rather long time.
    Some consider LB a bit dull, and I do agree, though I’m not completely sure why. Mentioned Gambit and Buzzsaw are more fun. Perhaps it is just that I’ve played LB a lot.
    But have used another plane, it is just wonderful to return to LB.

  3. Have anybody figured out what “Increases all armor restoration by 20 %” means? I can’t sense any restoration in armor, without having additional regeneration items or brobots…

  4. I am at the leave of 157 but still I can not get LBs rank even A please guide me how to get the plane laves

    1. Not sure exactly what you mean.
      You have reached level 157 of the game.
      You cannot get LB at rank A? Or you cannot get LB at all?

      If you have gotten LB, and need to increase the rank: Collect cards and pay for upgrade with crystals.

      If you have reached level 157, but cannot unlock LB it seems strange. Try the support page, as something must be wrong.

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