Level 120

Like Level 100, this is a long, fun level, which will take time to master, no matter what equipment you carry to the battle. Level 120 combines stationary turrets, large ships/minibosses, and waves. It remains tough even with the best possible gears.

Note: This page is an overview with the most important advice. There is also a page with a complete walkthrough.

Video: Heroic Solo
Buzzsaw A, Scarab S, Legatus S
4 minutes 21 seconds

You will encounter some 8 (!) different complexes with turrets and stuff, where you will remain stationary until you kill the stuff in front of you. Or get killed yourself. Several times you will see the final boss, but not be able to hurt it. Between each complex, there will also be additional hurdles, waves etc.
With use of Eagle’s overdrive, you can cut down time to perhaps 3 – 3,5 minutes. Other planes you might expect 4 – 4,5 minutes, or even longer.


  • Important! Bug after killing the final boss: It seems you can be stuck for a long time (up to minute) after clearing the course. Have patience and just wait it out.
  • Do not use overdrives and specials on waves of regular enemies. You will have to use these in the 8 different complexes of turrets and minibosses. (Unless you are superskilled at dodging bullets, and is happy to take your time.)
  • After the 7th complex, there are several pickups from crates, also on Heroic: One armor restore (to the left) and one overdrive (to the right). That’s all you will get on Heroic.
  • On Normal and Easy there are more crates and drops containing overdrives, armor restore, etc.
  • Unlike Level 100, it seems to be much more difficult to get a bit of rest, by saving one rather harmless turret and recharge specials.
  • Our best advice to bring down 120 rather fast, is extensive use of plane overdrive, and brobot specials.
  • Fastest possible clear time is probably with Eagle, Legatus and your favorite boss killing brobot, like Nayad, Scarab or Nicola XXS.
  • With e.g. Legatus + Nicola, it is perfectly possible to beat heroic without use of plane overdrive – also without being superskilled.
  • Especially first times you are clearing 120, save one overdrive until the final boss dies. It will shoot instantly killing shots in every direction. With at bit of practice, you can dodge those, but being killed together with the boss, when you are so close to clear the stage for the first time is, well, not fun…


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