Arcade – Removed

Arcade game mode is removed

The page is only kept as reference.


Update dec 2017: Added video

Saved Stage
Spend 5 crystals on Saved Stage (once you have reach some 10 stages at least). You will then continue from where you previously reached the farthest. (This is not strictly true. You will always start at the beginning of a level, and if you only pass one new level, you will have to continue from the same as previously: Say that you start from level 10, manage 11, but die during 12. Next time you will then still start from numer 10.)

Saved Stage and Farming Experience Points
This is what Arcade is about!
The experience points needed to evolve brobots seem to correlated to distance flown. But Saved Stage will count against the accumulated distance. Thus, just starting Arcade with Saved stage, will give you Experience points, once you have reached a bit into the Arcade – even if you die immediately.
Note that you get blue experience points, thus, you have to bring the brobot you want to evolve to Arcade and use saved stage. Brobots not used for the arcade run, cannot benefit from the experience points earned.

It is very basic: Each level features a long wave of enemies, followed by a miniboss. If you clear, you will fly through som credits.

We think Arcade is a pretty good place to test different combinations, apart from that it is rather pricey to play at 20 Verdium.
Rather use a plane with wide spread of bullets, than narrow stream, as enemies often come in large crowds.
You will want good screen clearing, rather than boss killing abilities. Arcade at the beginning is one of few places where Musketeer is of good use, as the screen clearing barrage continues for such a long time.
When reaching higher levels armor, armor regeneration and strong specials is almost everything. Every single little hit, can be almost lethal.

Apart from Experience Points described above, you get som credits between each level. Also, of course you collect stuff ingame like boxes and powerups.

Buying Powerups 
Compared to everything else in the game, you can buy more things to bring to an Arcade run. Apart from the usual overdrives and Saved stage described above, you can buy:

  • Random powerup: This can be increased Armor, Power, Reload Speed, Coins or Points in the range 5 % to 20 % (different for different perks). Some can also be combined. If you have credits to spend, having a good boost to Power, Armor, Reload Speed is very much noticeable.
  • Start Shield: Will absorb one hit.
  • Small Rush: Will give you invulnerability and rush you forward something like half the initial level.
  • Big Rush: Will give you invulnerability and rush you forward almost all the way to the first boss.
  • Final Rush: After you die (!) you will rush forward a bit longer. Helpful if you are stuck with a certain boss, where you constantly die.

Arcade With Audio Commentary
Gambit SSS
Legatus Menace

4 thoughts on “Arcade – Removed”

  1. Hey I was wondering how you increase your power up count, from 3 to like 7 or something? I feel like there’s just not enough most times.

  2. Only way to do it, is to buy Premium. If you pay for Premium, you will have two extra OD, bringing it to 5. If you pay for VIP 8, you will have two OD more, bringing it to 7. I agree that some challenges are really difficult without at least 5 OD – like Triple Challenge in Trials, and some bosses.

    1. Thanx bro, I appreciate you. Unfortunately I’m not really looking forward to spending on this game. Lol
      I’ll eventually quit if I run out of moves. Even the star count is getting ridiculous, cuz there’s just not enough gems to go around for some planes to get your star count.
      Have a pleasant evening friend, again thanx a bunch.

      1. In most cases Brobot specials will do the trick. Currently I rely on Legatus + Menace in story mode, Arcade, etc. You will be able to spam with Brobot specials almost all the time as it is two speedbots. Also, Legatus’ special is one of the strongest against anything, including bosses.
        Going against a heavier boss, I select still go for Legatus, but bring e.g. Scarab or Nicola (both still strong despite 50 % nerfing in recent updates).
        But Triple Challenge is very difficult without spending ODs, and also a Bro willing to spend ODs on the final boss. Possible, but difficult…
        Best of luck! Feel free to connect with me in the game: I am

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