Level 100 Complete Walkthrough

This is a more detailed walkthrough. There is also a more general overview of Level 100 with advice, etc. On that page you will also find more videos.

This level will alternate between phases where your ship is moving, and phases where you will be meeting a stationary target.

Video: Solo, Heroic.
Equipped Laserbite SS, Nicola XXS A and Legatus S

Phase 1: Moving
Some 10 – 20 helicopters appear, raining missiles on you. After a while you reach the entrance of the ship. This is the first time you will see a turret, which will appear shooting oval discs growing in size, then disappear, then appear shooting again, etc. These turrets will hurt you really bad, brobot specials are well spent on these. When the turrets are shooting, back away as far as possible, often there will be a gap between some of the ovals which you can use to sneak past.
The phase will end with you shooting the entrance of the ship, to gain entry.
Important! If you have spent any brobot special, do not shoot down the entrance, until the special has reloaded. Take note of this also with coming turret complexes.

Phase 2: Moving
Flying into the ship, another turret shooting ovals will appear, along with two helicopters. After this turret, one more will appear. A high level Laserbite, and also some other planes, can kill such turrets on flyby. You can ignore the first of the turrets, but you should make a priority to kill the second.

Phase 3: Stationary
You will now arrive at the first of several similar turret clusters. This one consists of six cannons, and one turret shooting ovals. (Two, if you didn’t kill the second in Phase 2).
Pay special attention to two things. 1) Some of the cannons will fire stars to the bottom of the screen, forcing you to position yourself uncomfortably close to the cannons and turrets. 2) You will therefore be vulnerable, especially when the turret shooting ovals appears.
Consider using a brobot special when the turret shooting ovals appear.
As always: Concentrate on one target at the time – the cannons will keep firing with equal force, even if almost dead.
And important again: Save one last turret to allow for cooldown/reload.

Phase 4: Moving
Similar to Phase 2. No helicopters, but two turrets shooting ovals, and then 4 cannons. Consider at least a special to kill the cannons.

Phase 5: Stationary
OK. Now it is time for two turrets shooting ovals, then two smaller cannons, flanked by two really huge cannons, and finally two smaller cannons at the back.
Focus on the smaller cannons in front first. They die faster, and will reduce the amount of incoming faster for you.
Otherwise fire off specials as much as you can. Still save overdrives if you can – if you are willing to spend overdrives you will have more use of them later.
And still important: Save one cannon, until you have reloaded the brobot specials. (See the video above.)

Phase 6: Moving
This phase will start with a rotating flame or two, caused by leakage when killing the cannons. Avoid it.
Entering next “room”, you will meet two giant flamethrowers, flanked by a rotating cannon each. These can be handled in several ways. Just fly by/through, avoid flames and bullet. Kill all four off with a brobot special. Or, do as in the video, kill the turret to the right, clearing an easy path.

Phase 7: Stationary
You have now reached the core.
In front you have two turrets shooting ovals. A brobot special is well spent on these.
On either side of the core there are three generators. Behind the generator there are four big guns shooting unpleasantness at you.
Actually ignore the four turrets at the back. After killing the six turbines or whatever they are on either side of the core, you can start working on the core.
Overdrives are well spent here, if you can spare one or two. It might still be good to save one or even two though.

Phase 8:
Killing the core will take down the ship, and your final mission is to clear the ship alive:
1st room (where the core exploded): Three fierce flames from leaking gas will burn you.
2nd room: Two flamethrowers will shoot to the right. So keep to the left. Unfortunately a loose generator or whatever will be flying there… If you have good armor still, you might choose to fly through the flames. Otherwise you have to take your chance on the left. Or spend and overdrive to be invincible for a few seconds. Then you have to shoot down the wall.
3rd room: Just shoot down the wall.
4th room: This is a nice little mayhem of things that can kill you instantly. Four large turbines or whatever it is, will come loose and fly around. Start low on the screen, move to the left, and when the garbage is flying around, cross over fast to the right and move to the top of the screen.
And, by the way, one nasty, final turret shooting ovals appears too.
If you have an overdrive here, it could be well spent.
Exiting: Finally fresh air. And some ten helicopters, and a heavy barrage of missiles.
Keep to the top of the screen, and fire a good screen clearing like Legatus’ special. Or use an overdrive. Or navigate like a skilled ace.


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