Brobots: General Info

There are currently 24 brobots.

A certain number of cards are required to craft a brobot. The number of cards differ from brobot to brobot, but then it is free to craft it.

Brobots have a number of properties:

  • a main gun (often of little use)
  • a special power (often some kind of screen clearing blast), the power of the special will increase when leveling the brobot
  • Brobots are leveled from 1 to 100. To level up you need experience points and pay credits.
  • Brobots also are ranked: C (lowest), B, A and S (currently highest).
  • To increase Rank, you will collect cards and pay some crystals.
  • Rank C to rank B, requires 20 cards and 50 crystals.
  • Rank B to rank A, requires 50 cards and 100 crystals.
  • Rank A to rank S, requires 120 cards and 200 crystals.
  • As with planes, you should rank up your brobots whenever you can – this will considerably increase strength, etc. Level up more sparingly – each level makes rather small difference.
  • The brobot carries one of the following properties: Armor, Reload Speed, Power or Rage. The value of this will increase the corresponding value of the plane and other brobot.
  • The brobot also carries one of the following properties: Points or Coins.
  • A-rank brobots have one ability, and S-rank brobots have two abilities: This can be things like increased points, armor, power, or restoring armor, surviving one lethal hit, etc.

Do not stare blindly at the special ability – consider stats, and perks too. Equipping Laserbite means that you already have strong power – consider equipping an armor bot.
Most pilots carry at least one reload speed-enhancing brobot – which will considerably shorten reload time of the other brobot.

One thought on “Brobots: General Info”

  1. Hi,

    Currently I have only 1 brobot (musketeer default one) and it placed on right side only
    How to get another brobot?
    How to add left brobot?

    Thanks before.

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