Brobots: General Info

There are currently 24 brobots.

A certain number of cards are required to craft a brobot. The number of cards differ from brobot to brobot, but then it is free to craft it.

Brobots have a number of properties:

  • a main gun (often of little use)
  • a special power (often some kind of screen clearing blast), the power of the special will increase when leveling the brobot
  • Brobots are leveled from 1 to 100. To level up you need experience points and pay credits.
  • Brobots also are ranked: C (lowest), B, A and S (currently highest).
  • To increase Rank, you will collect cards and pay some crystals.
  • Rank C to rank B, requires 20 cards and 50 crystals.
  • Rank B to rank A, requires 50 cards and 100 crystals.
  • Rank A to rank S, requires 120 cards and 200 crystals.
  • As with planes, you should rank up your brobots whenever you can – this will considerably increase strength, etc. Level up more sparingly – each level makes rather small difference.
  • The brobot carries one of the following properties: Armor, Reload Speed, Power or Rage. The value of this will increase the corresponding value of the plane and other brobot.
  • The brobot also carries one of the following properties: Points or Coins.
  • A-rank brobots have one ability, and S-rank brobots have two abilities: This can be things like increased points, armor, power, or restoring armor, surviving one lethal hit, etc.

Do not stare blindly at the special ability – consider stats, and perks too. Equipping Laserbite means that you already have strong power – consider equipping an armor bot.
Most pilots carry at least one reload speed-enhancing brobot – which will considerably shorten reload time of the other brobot.

4 thoughts on “Brobots: General Info”

  1. Hi,

    Currently I have only 1 brobot (musketeer default one) and it placed on right side only
    How to get another brobot?
    How to add left brobot?

    Thanks before.

    1. You have to collect brobot cards, from contraband shop, BRO shop, trials shop and assault shop (the last 2, later in the game). In early game you will also receive Triton brobot for free, which is a power brobot. Keep playing and you’ll figure it out.

  2. Hi, ı have 3.200.000 free brobot experience in Turkish ” ücretsiz brobot deneyimi” How can i use them? How can i upgrade my brobots with them? I cant find any way

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