Blitzer (V)

Initial Rank: A
Requirements: Complete Easy 50.

Main Gun:
Level 1:
Level 80: 430
Level 100: 476
Level 140: 593

Overdrive: Dual Resonance – fires the lightning gun multiple times for 6 seconds. Main gun turned off.
Level 1:
Level 80: 1 008
Level 100: 1 221
Level 140: 1 648

Level 1:
Level 80: 1 373
Level 100: 1 942
Level 140: 2 520

Amplifier: Increases reload speed by 32 %.
Scrap Recycler: Each time an enemy is destroyed, the aircraft recovers 12 armor point.
Static Shock (Rank S): After receiving 400 damages, increases lightning gun firepower for 3 seconds.
Amplifier (Rank SS): Increases reload speed by 40 %.

Blitzer is fun! But perhaps not very practical at all times. Blizter sports a straight stream of bullet and a chain lightning gun.

Difficult agains bosses, as the overdrive sometimes fails with single targets. It still works against some bosses, with several turrets like Gunhead, or Rubble, but can be ineffective against e.g. Req Queen.

Best used against crowds and waves, and if it is at a level with both bosses and waves, you will likely need a good boss killing brobot. The chain lightning seems to be stronger the more enemies and targets there are. Some targets – perhaps electrical or stationary – seems unaffected by the lightning.

Also very good in long missions, as every killed enemy regenerates armor – this is very good in e.g. Arcade. A Level 80 Blizter has a armor of 1 373. 100 killed enemies is an almost full restoration of armor.

In action:

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