Level 10 Doom

The first boss-only level featuring Doom. It is a giant crab like helicopter-monster with large claws. A Helicrab? A Crabocopter?

As all bosses it features several phases and multiple turrets. Also you will meet Doom multiple times in Assault, later levels, Trials, etc.

Video: Heroic Solo
Sparrow B, Cetus A, Hazard S
54 seconds


Always wait with specials and overdrives, until you see red bars indicating intact armor of the foe. Then fire away what ever you are packing. Also, concentrate on one armor indicator at the time – a turret will remain firing wile alive, even if it is badly damage, so better take out one completely, rather than hurting several.

First phase: Take out 5 or 6 turrets.

Second phase: Doom will now release two drones. The front one carries a shield, and you have to kill the one at the back first. In the meantime the front one will fire a badly damaging partly homing laser. It will be announced by a beam aiming at you. When the back drone is gone, the front one’s shield is dropped and you can now go for it more easily.

Third phase: An armor restore pack is dropped, be sure to pick it up. A lot of things will happen in cycle: The eyes will shot fireballs (yes!), the claws fill fly at you, instantly killing you no matter how much armor you carry, and two lasers at the back, also instant killers, will squeeze you to the middle of the screen while the eyes shoot those fireballs. And this is only the first major boss fight…
In this phase you can either go for the head directly if you have powerful weapons. Killing the head, kills the entire boss. Otherwise it is a good idea to take out the claws first, reducing the number of things that try to kill you.


  • If you can keep your head cool, close up specials like Kraken’s and Cetus’ do much damage.
  • Otherwise long distance and/or homing specials are helpful, like Champion, Doom, Beetle, Nayad, Hornet just to mention a few.
  • Take your time to allow your brobot specials to recharge.
  • If you are struggling, consider Hazard, even if the special is not very helpful. Hazard will increase damage dealt to any boss by 20 %.
  • If not bringing Hazard (which is a reload speed increasing brobot), bring another speedbot, like Menace.
  • Among the planes, generally avoid Zapper, Phoenix, and Dragon when dealing with bosses. We think there overdrives do little help. Laserbite’s overdrive is also rather weak, especially before evolve.
  • Rather take Buzzsaw (the sawblades will bounce between the turrets nicely and do damage several times), Greataxe, Katyusha, etc.

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