Recent Updates to HawkFSGuide

Update December 22:nd

Update December 21:st

  • All videos added from now on, will have audio commentary. Finally! Lots of reasons why this has not been the case so far. Will not bore anyone with these reasons, although a lot can be said about iPhone->Mac->YouTube video transferring 😛
  • Videos added to Boss Level 180 Rapier.
  • Videos added to Gambit SSS.
  • Videos added to ACE Laserbite
  • Videos added to ACE Sparrow

Update December 18:th

Version 1.9.0 is here. A big one again!

Update October 29:th

Many updates this weekend. Including videos on all Planes and Brobots! Try to summarize them here:

Update October 27:th

  • Update 1.8 is out! It is a big one. More info will follow!