Sniper (V)

Initial Rank: S
Price:  1 million credits or 2 800 crystals (1 680 on sale).
Requirements: Complete Heroic 80.

Main Gun: .
Level 80:
Level 100: 420
Level 140: 529

Overdrive: A Star is Born – Fires 5 large energy bolts or something, once a second during 6 seconds. 1 – 2 seconds delay. Main guns passive. Therefore Sniper’s overdrive is difficult to time and aim with. Against a boss like Red Queen this can be most frustrating.
Invincible during overdrive.
Level 80:
Level 100: 1 221
Level 140: 1 648

Level 80:
Level 100: 2 264
Level 140: 2 888

Amplifier: Increases power by 15 %.
Emblem of Valor: Points increases by 15 %.
Return Fire: After receiving 400 damage, fires a single energy bolt shot 7 times during 3 seconds, while main gun is passive. As with the overdrive, these shots are really powerful, but can actually be a disadvantage when handling a crowd, and is also difficult to aim.
Amplifier (Rank SS): Increases power by 21 %.
Emblem of Valor (Rank SS): Points increases by 21 %.

Again a plane where opinions diverge heavily – with many pilots really disliking it, but also many stating it as one of their top choices. To us, it is both strong, has a narrow, hard hitting stream of bullets which will cut through tougher foes. However, the overdrive and shots when hit, are difficult to get the most out of, hence the dislike of Sniper.

If you manage to time the overdrive shots properly, Sniper is a very good boss killer. But you are equally at risk of wasting the entire salvo into empty space. We can really understand the frustration you can feel when seeing your shots sailing past the sneering boss. But with a cool mind and steady hand, Sniper is a good choice – in our opinion.

Perks which enhances score or credits earned are really lame, btw…

In action with Hornet and Legatus on Level 134, Heroic:

In action with Triton and Legatus on Level 134 Heroic, Failed!:

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