Level 100

This is the first boss fight not only featuring one big, mean SOB. Or DOB.

You kind of fly through a ship, a bit like a Death Star attack. First break through the outer wall, then several phases, and finally break out. It takes about three minutes to complete on Heroic.

This page contains general advice, you can also find a complete walkthrough of Level 100 here.

Video: Solo, Heroic.
Equipped Laserbite SS, Nicola XXS A and Legatus S

A few important notes:

Take time to recharge specials
You will meet three stationary turret complexes. Gun down all turrets, until you have only one left. Leave this one, until you have recharged your brobot’s specials.

Use overdrive to become invincible 
This is not absolutely necessary, but it certainly helps. After the third and final turret complex there will fly around a lot of debris and exploding things at two occasions, and when exiting the ship, a group of helicopters will attack. You can learn how to stay clear of all this, but a bit of invincibility certainly helps!

Don’t waste overdrives and specials
When moving between the turret complexes, do not waste too much on killing turrets, helicopters etc, that you pass. Rather play defensively and dodge these.

The third turret complex
The complex consists of:

  • In front, two rotating turrets, alternating between hiding and spewing out the oval, growing things.
  • To the right and left, three turrets on either side
  • In the back, four turrets.
  • The heart, or core in the middle.

Do this:

  • Take out the two turrets in front, whenever you get a chance.
  • Then concentrate on the three turrets on either side, taking one side at the time.
  • When this is done, ignore the four turrets in the back, instead start shooting at the big core in the middle.
  • Killing it, will finish this phase.

What to pack
Eagle is wonderful to kill off the rows of turrets, and the core in the final turret complex.
Wraith is good, despite the wide spread of bullets: There are so many turrets, so you make good use of Wraith’s bullet rain.
Most other planes will work ok or good, at least with good devices and brobots.
For brobots, you will want more bosskilling. You might even go for no speedbot, but rather focus just on armor, power and special.
Nayad, Nicola XXS, Scarab, Beetle, Hornet. Do not chose anything where you have to get really close, like Kraken.
But there certainly isn’t anything wrong with Legatus – decent bosskiller and speedbot!



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