Bropoints can be spent in BRO-shop:

  • The items in the shop can be reset for an increasing cost of bropoints, starting at 50 bropoints.
  • Two slots are for credits, one for verdium, one for crystals, and two for orange experience (possible to use for upgrade of any brobot).
  • 6 slots are packages of plane cards
  • 3 slots are packages of brobot cards

You earn bropoints by responding to calls from another player i story missions, patrol missions and Team Up.

You will also earn bropoints if you yourself invite another player to a Team Up mission.

The Team Up missions are rather long, feturing two mini bosses, and two rather long flights against waves of enemies, and always pay 40 Bropoints.

All other missions pay differing amounts of bropoints, depending on how far you are of the coop in the story. The least you will get is 5 bropoints, and the most is 30.

Note that the bropoint awards have changed several times, and might do so again.

4 thoughts on “Bropoints”

  1. What about the “presents” system? I have not really understood it yet, but it looks like you get Broppoints from “friends” as well?

  2. That is correct. You can receive up to 20 BP from friends per day. And you can send BP to all of your friends every day.

    1. Do the BP i send cost me anything? Are they distributed? Are there any strategies when to collect / send presents?

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