Update Version 1.8

Version 1.8 is out! And it is a big one!

Biggest news are:

  • Twenty new levels
  • A new plane, Pulsar
  • Possibility to upgrade Brobots to SS
  • Assault is back in new form
  • Possiblity to purchase “Ace” look to some (?) planes

Some details:

  • The bosses at Level 160 Badger and Level 170 Unknown Ace are still “single guys”, and still no more levels like the wonderful Level 100 and Level 120.
  • Pulsar features possibly the best screen clearing ability.
  • Assault levels are rather completely new. Yet another currency is the reward, and can only be used to buy Ace chips, and Plane and Brobot cards.
  • Pulsar costs 2 900 gems or 1 740 on sale.
  • Upgrade to Brobot SS costs 200 cards and 300 crystals.
  • Wraith seems horribly nerfed?