Get Daily Verdium and Daily Bonus Credits

Get Daily Verdium and Daily Bonus Credits
Net really a cheat, more of knowing how the game works and taking advantage of it.
Each day you can collect 50 units of Verdium for free between 14.02 – 17.02, and then 50 units more between 21.02 – 00.02.
But if you reach 300 Verdium, instead of 50 units of verdium, you will get 8 000 credits.

However you only have to come over 300 Verdium sometime during the day – before 00.02 to get the late 8 000 credits, and before 17.02 to get all 16 000 credits. Having reached 300 Verdium once, it is no problem to drop below it again.

Even better is to be both above and below 300 Verdium somtime during the day – you will get both the Verdium and credits then.


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