Level 20 Red Queen

This is the first of many times you will encounter the Red Queen.
As all bosses, she sports several phase with varying guns, lasers, and other bad ass-things.

Video: Heroic, Solo
Greataxe B, Cetus A, Hazard S
42 seconds

Video: Heroic Solo
Sparrow B, Menace A, Beetle A
51 seconds.


Compared to most other bosses, Red Queen is smaller, has more phases (though three for now), sometimes clones into two ships, and only features one or two targets per phase.
Note that the ship will be smaller for each phase.

First phase: Three straight arcs of bullets in three different directions. In the same time crisscrossing laserbeams everywhere, alternating with some kind of ghost missiles.

Second phase: The three bullet streams continue, and also a directly lethal missile strike every few seconds. A crosshair mark on the screen will show impact. (In later versions, there will be three simultaneous missiles.)

Third phase: Bullets will alternate with two laserbeams and also smaller (but still large enough) missiles. The enemy ship will start to flicker as it is approaching defeat.


Dodge everything and hit with everything. Simple as that?

One of few times Phoenix is to be considered against a boss. The free extra life is nice in the initial onslaught, which is difficult to survive if you do not have super strong armor. Also the Phoenix’ overdrive works from anywhere on the screen, so if you find some place safe to safe, you can execute it from there.

Otherwise some of the planes with homing or semi-homing bullets are good, because of how much Red Queen dances around.

“Spamming” overdrives and specials are of more than usual value here, because of Red Queens ability to jump around. You can get Menace early, and it is almost given here. It makes good damage, enhances reload times of other abilities. If you also have Hazard you get two speedbots, both with spamming specials – you will be able to rain missiles and projectiles on Red Queen pretty often. Also Hazard has the wonderful ability of increasing damage done to bosses by 20 %.

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