Buzzsaw (V)

Initial Rank: A
Price: 250 000 credits or 833 crystals (500 crystals on sale?).
Requirements: Complete Heroic 60.

Main Gun:
Level 1:
Level 80: 348
Level 100: 420
Level 140: 529

Overdrive: Open season – One of the strongest overdrives with ricocheting sawblades shooting front and front/side during 8 seconds.
Level 1:
Level 80: 1 008
Level 100: 1 221
Level 140: 1 648

Level 1:
Level 80: 1 373
Level 100: 2 246
Level 140: 2 888

Shock Absorber: Impact damage is reduced by 50 %.
Game Bag: Collected credits is increased by + 10 %.
? (Rank S): After receiving 400 damages, fires ricocheting sawblades in every direction.
Shock Absorber (Rank SS): Impact damage is reduced by 70 %.
Game Bag (Rank SS): Collected credits is increased by + 15 %.

The overdrive is fun and brutal! After Eagle it might be the strongest in the game.

Remains throughout the game one of the overdrives which is the strongest both against bosses and crowds. The overdrive is truly deadly to anything on screen. However, so much is happening with all the blades flying around, that you – and your partner – might get a bit disorientated and fly into laser beams of not yet dead enemies.

Also strong armor, especially with perk of reduced incoming fire.

Downside? Main gun is rather weak, and the Game Bag perk is not much to celebrate.

In action:

2 thoughts on “Buzzsaw (V)”

  1. One thing worth mentioning about Buzzsaw as it is the only plane that can do that : without using the overdrive or a BroBot, you can destroy ANY ennemy on screen (like those red sphere with a spinning laser). Buzzsaw spits a deadly blade every 2 or 3 seconds and, if it’s not very often and you have to aim wisely, this blade can instantly kill anything.

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