Katyusha (V)

Initial Rank: A
Price:  ??
Requirements: Complete level 70 on Heroic.

Main Gun: .
Level 80: 348
Level 100: 420
Level 140: 529

Overdrive: Red Dawn – several waves of homing rockets during 8 seconds. An estimate is 80. Main guns are passive.
Invincible during overdrive.
Level 80: 1 008
Level 100: 1 221
Level 140: 1 648

Level 80: 1 845
Level 100: 2 264
Level 140: 2 888

Curtain Fire: Rate of fire is increased by 50 % when armor is below 30 %.
Easy Repair: “Armor restoration + 20 %” – we are actually unclear what this means.
Counter Fire (Rank S): After receiving 400 damage,  launches 6 homing missiles for three seconds.
Curtain Fire (Rank SS): Rate of fire is increased by 70 % when armor is below 30 %.
Easy Repair (Rank SS): “Armor restoration + 30 %” – we are actually unclear what this means.

OK plane overall. Strong boss killing ability.

Fun Fact: Katyusha was a Soviet rocket launcher during World War 2, also called “Stalin’s Organ” due to the sound produced, which set fear in the German forces on the Eastern Front.

In action:

3 thoughts on “Katyusha (V)”

  1. Armor recovery +20% should mean that any armor recovery you have is increased by 20%.

    This can be easily tested, I suppose, by using Katyusha, Kraken, and a Healing Bot (menace?). Do the Doom trick to get access to infinite time, then get killed. Kraken will restore you to 20% armor, and you can measure the change in pace as you go from 20% to 100%. It should take you marginally less time to max out (as each 100 points of healing should instead give you 120 points).

  2. Katyusha has a very powerful counter attack. The 6 homing missiles can be used to easliy destroy bosses. Katyusha is best combined with legatus and its 100% damage buff after taking 300 damage.

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